This is the home of Good Stock Records, an independent label set up to release and showcase the music of 3 amigos that have been on a musical journey, mostly together, for the last quarter of a century.

Good Stock currently boasts a 7″ single by the Manchester band “flawed” from back in 2001, and a number of their less official CD recordings and releases.

The 7″ single Pleasure Seekers / Kylie’s Thigh was a limited pressing run of 250 individually stamped and stickered copies – a few of them are still knocking around – Contact Us if you’re interested on getting your hands on one. More details on that can be found on the releases page.

From late 2020 onward the label was re-ignited and re-invented, and pretty soon began releasing a series of remote collaboration videos under the monicker of The Goodstock Project. September 2022 saw the formal digital release (Spotify, Bandcamp, etc) of an E.P. of the first 6 tracks, titled Remote: The Goodstock Project : Remote (digital E.P.), followed by several single releases from E.P.

2023 saw significant activity with The Goodstock Project covering Sam Cooke and releasing a couple more singles from Remote, early in the year. Spring and summer saw new act on the label, The Fods, crafting and releasing the lead out single Gil Barco from October’s One To Watch EP.

In Autumn 2023, The Goodstock Project started a deeper writing collab, even face to face, which brought forth 3 new singles, starting with the release of Everything I Need To Know in November, Demands of Reality and Royal Pontoon in early 2024.

Meanwhile, The Fods started work on the Don’t ARgue project, to resurrect a set of 4-track recordings from 1995, this has resulted in the singles You’ve Not Got Me and My Fine Derangement.

Good times, and plenty more to come, with Good Stock Records, especially now that The Goodstock Project are hitting the venues in Summer 2024, with assurances that The Fods will be hot on their heels!