This is the home of Good Stock Records, an independent label set up to release and showcase the music of 3 amigos that have been on a musical journey, mostly together, for the last quarter of a century.

Good Stock currently boasts a 7″ single by the Manchester band “flawed” from back in 2001, and a number of their less official CD recordings and releases.

The 7″ single Pleasure Seekers / Kylie’s Thigh was a limited pressing run of 250 individually stamped and stickered copies – a few of them are still knocking around – Contact Us if you’re interested on getting your hands on one. More details on that can be found on the releases page.

From 2020 onward the label has been re-ignited, re-invented, and will be re-leasing again soon (hopefully); that might be old songs, new songs, the old flawed crew, or maybe even some new talent that Good Stock happens across every so often.

As 2021 drew to a close Good Stock Records released a series of remote collaboration videos under the monicker of The Good Stock Project, and 2022 might just have something pretty special up its sleeve, watch this space.