October 2023, Manchester, UK

Release Details

One To Watch

Good Stock Records is happy to announce the release of The Fods debut EP “One To Watch“. This EP collects together the pieces written for a “Write an Album In A Month” exercise in May 2023, having been mixed and mastered, but not necessarily “fully finished”

“So we managed to get 4 full songs and 2 that never made it past instrumental stage.

We could have written these further, but to be true to the original exercise, to document the actual submitted pieces as they were written or intended at the time, and so we can move on from these tunes and do more stuff, this EP is being released without further work!

The instrumental tracks might resurface in other forms elsewhere later down the line, but we didn’t want them being unfinished to stop us ever releasing the rest, and it didn’t seem right to just release bits of it. In this form they kind of belong together.

In short: here it is!”

ol – The Fods – October 2023

A Cast Of Several

To make this EP happen The Fods has a thank you list for collaborators, conspirators and all of the support (especially whilst Ol just checked out of everything else for a month whilst it was being written and recorded):

  • Alan Winn: With a couple of days before the deadline, and not many vocals in the can, Al stepped in with an epic shift to complete vocals for “Gil Barco” and “777” and incidentally delivered some killer guitar lines on the same tracks.
  • June Holland: A stellar vocal on the track “Not Foreseen“, which has since spurred that track on to other things.
  • Jon Sealby: Unwavering support and encouragement, bassline ideas for “Benthead Day
  • Ben Hornby: Unwavering support and encouragement, and ongoing assessment of whether the The Fods drums were even remotely realistic for a real human to play.
  • Speaks: transformative mixing work on “777“, another level, as ever.
  • Ez Ranson: Guide vocals, other vocal assistance and moral support with “Benthead Day
  • Guy Harland: A little bit of lyrical inspiration on “777” 😉
  • Fellow #AlbumWritingClub entrants – it was great fun, loved building this as you built yours, see you next year!
  • And by no means least, Mike 5 of Lights and Lines label: it’s kind of your fault.


  • Benthead Day…
  • Gil Barco
  • 777
  • A Mosaic
  • …reprise
  • Not Foreseen


All words and music written and arranged by The Fods

  • Recorded at Fod Studios, Winn Studios and a little bit at Ralphy Studios
  • Recorded in May 2023, and a couple of incidentals in August 2023
  • Mixed and Mastered by The Fods, except 777 mixed and mastered by Speaks


© 2023 Good Stock Records UK & The Fods, all rights reserved. The Fods and their collaborators named on each individual track assert their rights as authors and copyright owners. Tracks released for personal consumption only. Commercial usage by request only – Contact Us