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Good Stock Records is absolutely delighted to announce a brand new and utterly mesmerising single “Everything I Need To Know“, by The Goodstock Project.

Everything is being released as both a “radio edit”, and the full 6+ minute soaring epic.

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This is big – play it as soon as you are able…

Radio Sed


  • Writers: Paul Collins, Rebecca Holland, Ben Hornby, Jon Sealby, Adam Speakman.
  • Drums: Ben
  • Bass Guitar: Jon
  • Vocals: June
  • Guitars: Ol
  • Keys: Ol and Speaks
  • Sonics: Speaks
  • Recorded by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol, Speaks at their respective abodes studios. Except June who recorded the vocals in a shed in a heatwave in Norwich
  • Mixed and Mastered by: Speaks


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