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Good Stock Records is pleased to announce the release of lead single You’ve Not Got Me, as an introduction to the forthcoming Don’t ARgue EP.

YNGM, as it affectionately known, is a 2-minute blast of Cheshire punk, originally written around 1992, and originally recorded solely on 4-track tape back then by the band named Don’t Argue.

Seeing as nothing of the original 4-track recordings were salvageable, sonically, the track has been recorded anew. The temptation to make something glossy, shiny, and palatable was firmly avoided.

Expect grit, a lyrical modernisation from (original frontman and co-producer) Rob, and an angst-ridden, snarling vocal from Go Birch to kick off the Don’t ARgue release cycle.


  • Words: Rob Critch
  • Music: Paul Collins
  • Guitars, Programming: Ol
  • Vocal: Birch
  • Backing Vocals: Ez
  • Recorded at: Fod Studios, Birch Studios
  • Mixing and Mastering: Speaks
  • Video: Many many thanks to Go Birch productions!

Reviews, Plaudits and Soundbites

Although she isn’t named dropped in the lyrics, the subject of the song’s unrequited reconciliation attempt is called Rosalee. And, as you can see in the video, she’s proper fed up.

Why don’t you get your act together like it used to be?

My hair is on fire. YES! I love it. Man this rocks. *throwing chairs*

Truck Dog & the Go People

SLAMMIN. Super energetic ball of sound.


Great driving punk beat!! Class Punk!!! Aggressive Awesome punk rock

Jay Luke / Andy Slovien / Brass Monkey all from Museboat

This moves you!!! Love this

Mickey Maffei

I checked out your music, and I thinks it’s great. It’s like a mix of The Fratellis and The Jam. It’s definitely getting added to the playlist for sure. Keep rocking,

Heffe from WOLF.FM


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