At the time of writing “The Fods” are recording an E.P. code-named “Don’t Argue“, which is all about using the trusty “Lo Fi” methods employed by Good Stock Records artists to great effect.

The tunes that will appear on the E.P. were originally written and recorded under the band name of Don’t Argue back in the mid 1990s. Songs that were forgotten, remembered, discarded, plundered, and resurrected from a set of 4-track tapes which barely play.

The Don’t Argue project will refresh and modernise some of these songs whilst remaining true to their original styles; ranging from (mildly) angry Cheshire punk, metal social commentary, and the odd indie-banger.

The original line-up of Don’t Argue is unlikely to do a full reformation on account of geography and general maturity, however all have provided their blessing for The Fods to take this on. The EP will be co-produced by Ol and original vocalist and writer Rob Critchley.

A Cast Of Several

For this EP, The Fods are:

  • Ol Collins -guitars, keys, programming
  • Rob Critch – co-producer, backing vocals
  • Ez Ranson – guitars, vocals, backing vocals
  • Speaks – mixing, mastering and general grimacing
  • Lead Vocals – various compadres from the wild frontier
    • Birch – You’ve Not Got Me

The full credits will vary from song to song, so watch out for the actual release of a lead single and EP coming soon from Good Stock Records in December ’23 / Jan ’24