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Good Stock Records is very pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited 2nd single from the forthcoming Don’t ARgue EP by The Fods.

My Fine Derangement is another song restored from the ashes of 4-Track recordings undertaken in 1995, by the band Don’t Argue. This new recording features the largest Cast Of Several so far, with Ez Ranson adding guitar, and once again with a superb vocal performance from Birch.

The single release differs slightly from the version that will appear on the EP in due course (this one is radio-friendly for a start). As an additional bonus the single also contains a rather spiffing 2024 Speaks remix and remaster of The Fods debut song Gil Barco.

A tiny part of the 1995 4-track recording has been lifted off tape, and sampled / mixed into the 2024 sessions – from the dates on the tape it was recorded on the 12th or 14th April 1995 session at Sealby Attic Studios, featuring Jon and Ol.

I kept my faith, I knew you would

– My Fine Derangement

The Cast Of Several

  • Words: Rob Critch
  • Music: Rob Critch and Paul Collins
  • Vocals: Birch
  • Backing Vocals: Al
  • 1995 Backing Vocals: Jon, Ol
  • Guitars: Ol, Ez
  • Keys, Programming: Ol
  • Artwork: Ol and Rob
  • Mixing and Mastering: Speaks


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