On Saturday 20th April, to celebrate the new release Royal Pontoon, the lovely Sarah Milly, Radio Northwich DJ, had a LIVE showcase with (most of) The Goodstock Project (Ben, Ol & June present with Jon listening in from afar!) – featuring 5 of the band’s tracks, a whole load of history, the story behind each track, drum-rolls, belly-laughs, groans, responses to live texts, and the occasional vacuum cleaning reference.

A great day was had by all, and all of us here at Good Stock Records salute you, Sarah, for your support of the band and for dedicating so much time to the cause in your Saturday show.

The playlist on the day:

  • This Rain
  • Be The One
  • Demands of Reality
  • Royal Pontoon
  • Bring It On Home To Me

Here is a handy Spotify playlist of the above, along with a guest appearance from the second most famous vacuuming singer ever (in honour of Sarah‘s admission of belting out Demands of Reality at the top of her lungs when doing the home chores).

You can listen back to the whole show here on The Radio Northwich Replayer, or watch behind the scenes footage of the live show below!