Goodstock Project guitarist, Ol, under the name of “The Fods“, took on a challenge to write and record an album or E.P. in a month, in conjunction with the Lights and Lines record label. That month being May 2023.

Whilst most of the material will be kept under wraps, 1 song is made publically available for a beauty contest, as part of a playlist of all entries.

The playlist can be found here on Soundcloud (note the artist name shows up as “stenpils / The Fods”), so give your support to The Fods and the other entrants, and feast your ears across a diverse set of genres from metal, industrial, folk, electronica, you name it!

During June there’s the opportunity to vote for your fave 3 tracks using this form here, so have a listen and enjoy and vote as you see fit! NOTE: Voting now closed.

Gil Barco

The Fods‘ chosen single is “Gil Barco“, Gil being the name given to the ghostly attendant from the abandoned garage seen in The Fods cover artwork.

The song features a great vocal and some atmospheric lead guitar work from Al Winn, singer/ guitarist from flawed back in the day, and the motorbike arriving at the end is a recording of Speaks‘ Royal Enfield 500!

All other sonics by Ol

And the rest of “The Fods” E.P.?

The E.P. covers 6 tracks including Gil, and will stay under wraps for now, the rules of the challenge means it won’t have any further work done for now as it is frozen in time (as at May 31st) until Lights and Lines have had a good old listen.

However, we also happen to know that June H lent a vocal to one of the tracks, and having had a little sneaky listen we love it, and we hope this going to surface in some form later in 2023. Watch this space!

Update: July 2023 – “An Award Winning EP”

So Gil Barco culled a decent amount of votes in the singles category, but the overall deserving winners were:

  • Best Single: Time Space Repeat – Bossa Never
  • Best Album: Beth Sarah – Fractured
  • Best EP: Susy Wall – Black Is The Country, Blue Is The Colour

However, The Fods does have a place in the Winners Circle – it was awarded a “One To Watch” award by label manager Mike, and according to him can officially be described as an Award Winning EP.

There are plans afoot still for the unheard tracks, you’ll hear it here first!

Gil Barco Official Single Release

  • artist: The Fods
  • title: Gil Barco
  • date: 14th July 2023
  • formats: Digital only
  • cat number: GSUK003
  • buy / stream: soundcloud , Spotify