We love a good Listening Party. Check out the sterling work of Only The Host on twitter X thingy, and on their fab channel on YouTube.

The Goodstock Project track This Rain, from the Remote EP had a spin on 25th July Indie Music Hunt 24 and turned a few heads of the uninitiated, live and in real-time. Especially the bit about the iPhone.

We also love the story that our host’s facial expressions told through from who? to cool!. Check the comments stream for some great support also.

The listening party replay is here on YouTube, and This Rain is up from 43:00, but you really should check out over an hours worth of FANTASTIC artists from all genres and styles, we loved it.

Cosmic Bos​ Wow!
Mario Marino ​this is great
J Peck ​nice start… let’s see where this goes
Paul Collins​ 🙂 She’s good huh, this is my band
Only the Host​ nice lift
Only the Host ​@Paul Collins buatiful
Paul Collins​ thanks man
JimFranceMusic​ nice vocal delivery.
Cosmic Bos ​oh it’s going😍
Prime Birds​ OOH unexpected chord progression
Tracy Cloud​ Really dig this!
Enrico Crobu @below_carbon​beautiful
Cosmic Bos​ I think it’s pronounced ‘Beeeeeeeeautiful’
Only the Host​ nice switch eh
J Peck ​cool song. added to my playlist
Prime Birds ​and then back down to C…..I dig!
Paul Collins​ Drums recorded acoutsically on iPhone would you believe
Prime Birds​ WHAT
Only the Host​ Satisfying mix
Prime Birds ​@Paul Collins thats’ incredible
J Peck i need to listen back to follow that chord progression
Cosmic Bos​ sounds awesome
Mario Marino​ This is Crispy
Cosmic Bos ​certified Crispy
Cosmic Bos​ incredible voices
J Peck​ yep, certified crispy
Mario Marino ​There it is
Cosmic Bos​ Amaze-balls
Will Doherty​ What an ending
Cosmic Bos​ 💯
Paul Collins​ TY 🙂everyone

Indie Music Hunt 24 You Tube LiveStream @ Only The Host