September 2022, Manchester, UK.

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Good Stock Records is delighted to announce the digital release of “Remote” by The Goodstock Project. This is an EP collecting together the Lockdown 2020 (remotely live) performances; polished, audio enhanced & made complete in this 6-track release.

During lockdown 2020, this project started as a remote collaboration, the sound of which soon started to make a mockery of the recording methods – the perched iPhone of much folklore being the drum foundation, the rest of the tracks were built to that weeks and weeks and many miles apart.

The big coup here is the vocal work of June Holland who, at the time she started recording the vocals, had never met the rest of the group, but musical chemistry voodoo magic happened and the results are for all to hear.

All of the original live parts were videoed by each band member and spliced together to show the performance as you hear it and see it, however the additional parts have since been written and recorded and the audio mixed, mastered and made large by Good Stock Records’ favourite engineer – Speaks, esq.

Available now on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and on Spotify.

“Remote” by The Goodstock Project


Note: Each track (linked above) also can also been seen in the original lockdown recording live video, however the formal release has much enhanced audio compared to the versions on this site. Apple Music




All tracks written by The Goodstock Project (Collins / Holland / Hornby / Sealby) and

  • Be The One, Hotel, We Mean Well, Bruised: Winn / Sheals-Barrett
  • The Drop: Sheals-Barrett

All tracks produced and recorded by The Goodstock Project

All tracks mixed and mastered by Speaks


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