Following on from The Goodstock Project: This Rain is Bruised – the 6th and final track of the “Lockdown phone kickabout” series recorded using the Lockdown 2020 method… you know the one that sees 4 people who just started a new band pointing phones at themselves whilst they stumble through a performance of their own parts and hope it all comes together.

Then hand the raw takes over to our favourite producer / engineer / top chap Speaks to make it sound good 🙂

So, Bruised, this was actually a very early Lockdown 2020 drum take from Ben, that was worked on bit by bit as the other 5 tracks overtook it, but it turns out Bruised has come together really rather nicely.

So the full roll of honour here is:

  • Drums, Shaker, Tambourine – Various Bens
  • Bass Guitar – Jon “more dubby” Sealby
  • Vocals – June and a couple of extra Junes for harmonies
  • Guitar – Les Paul, mainly, Ol isn’t 100% on which guide tracks / overdubs made the cut after a few months in the making
  • Organ – Ol and Speaks and a Hammond B3
  • Video – just 4 phones and a “Is this the last one?” kind of attitude.
  • Sonics – massive thanks to Speaks, who might well use an iPhone for recording every drum track he engineers from here on.

Enjoy and feel free to Contact Us for further info.

The Goodstock Project : Bruised

Audio Only

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“Bruised” by The Goodstock Project


  • Writers: Tom Sheals-Barrett, Paul Collins, Jon Sealby, Ben Hornby, Rebecca Holland, Alan Winn
  • Performed by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Recorded by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Mixed by: Speaks


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