Following on from The Goodstock Project: Be The One, This Rain is the 5th of 6 tracks recorded using the Lockdown 2020 method, you know the one that sees 4 people who just started a new band pointing phones at themselves whilst they stumble through a performance of their own parts and hope it all comes together.

Then hand the raw takes over to Speaks to make it sound good 🙂

To be honest we got a bit carried away with this one, so there’s the performances from the video, and a few more things going on too…

You know the score by now:

  • Drums – Ben’s first performance in 2 years (all his other drums tracks were actually recorded during lockdown)
  • Bass Guitar – Jon “what was the level like?” Sealby
  • Vocals – June hiding behind a pop-filter and absolutely giving it loads
  • Guitar – A lot of Takamine acoustic and a smattering of Gibson SG P90
  • Piannah n Organ – overdubbed Yamaha emailed in the early hours. Right notes, questionable order.
  • Video – just 4 phones and a “Jeez! do we have to video everything?” kind of attitude.
  • Sonics – and of course the usual massive thanks to Speaks who gets a whole mis-mash of lo-fi audio fragments, midi files, opinions and bum notes to sort out.

Enjoy and feel free to Contact Us for further info.

The Goodstock Project : This Rain

Audio Only

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“This Rain” by The Goodstock Project


  • Writers: Paul Collins, Jon Sealby, Ben Hornby, Rebecca Holland. Lead guitar solo originally written by Alan Winn, since mercilessly (but not meticulously) re-appropriated.
  • Performed by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Recorded by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Mixed by: Speaks


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