“Be The One”, like The Drop and Hotel, was one of the songs recovered from the depths of murky memory never having been committed to tape in the past. The words and music were rediscovered from old gig footage.

June once again fancied flexing her muscles on a rockier number, as she did on We Mean Well a little while ago.

So, recorded as usual using the remote “Lockdown 2020” method – you know the one that sees 4 people who just started a new band pointing phones at themselves whilst they stumble through a performance of their own parts and hope it all comes together.

Oh and then hand the raw takes over to a pro-engineer to really suspend the disbelief that this was recorded in a study / kitchen / garage / dining room, several weeks and many many miles apart.

You know the score by now:

  • Drums – Ben’s iPhone perched on a tripod on a chair
  • Bass Guitar – Jon’s casual plug and play
  • Vocals – June and a wall of wax
  • Guitar – Gibson SG P90 and cheapo wannabe mics
  • Video – just 4 phones and a “yes, that’ll do” attitude

As mentioned above, one extra little bit of magic, the set of raw recordings were thrown at Speaks to whom we owe our utmost respect and thanks for the top top job on the mixing.

Enjoy and feel free to Contact Us for further info.

The Goodstock Project : Be The One

Audio Only

This is the Speaks’ Directors Cut that isn’t exactly tied to the performances on the video, there’s a bit of magic gone on.

Download MP3 or Listen Below.

“Be The One” by The Goodstock Project


  • Writers: Alan Winn, Tom Sheals-Barrett, Jon Sealby, Ben Hornby, Paul Collins, Rebecca Holland
  • Performed by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Recorded by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Mixed by: Speaks


© 2001 – 2022, the above named assert their rights as authors and copyright owners, downloads for personal listening only, not to be re-used anywhere without the consent of the writers and performers, please Contact Us