Lockdown 2020 sees 3 guys who used to be in a band together stuck in their houses with only their instruments (and their families, and everything else in their houses) for company. With unexpected large swathes of time on their hands, they concoct an idea to try and remember some of their old songs.

Their folly doesn’t end here. One of the bright sparks suggests they each film their own parts and then stick them altogether – the stuff ‘boxes on screen’ fantasies are made of. Laughable? Not half.

Especially when you factor in the recording ingredients: 3 phones, 1 DI and 1 gaming mic. So you can imagine their surprise when they hear the results. How can an iPhone record such a big drum sound?

The 3 amigos start to get excited at the thought of all the other songs that they never recorded properly back in the day. The problem is, a singing amigo isn’t part of the 3 and so our fearless adventurers embark on a journey of discovery – the discovery that they can’t find anyone to sing for them.

Now intent on getting the tracks finished, the boys make a momentous decision – to sign up to a musician-finding app.

Within a day, they are connected with June, who offers to do some singing for them. In the space of a week, she sends them a vocal take for their tune, Hotel.

This blows them away and leads to the video you see here.

Please note:

  • No studios or peanuts have been used in the creation of this product
  • Everything you see here was recorded on phones
  • More tunes to follow

Further note: Since the original recording we have had this remixed by Speaks, who also contributed the awesome Hammond track!

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The Goodstock Project – Hotel

Audio only

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Hotel – The Goodstock Project


  • Writers: Tom Sheals-Barrett, Alan Winn, Ben Hornby, Jon Sealby, Paul Collins, Rebecca Holland
  • Performed by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol, Speaks
  • Recorded by: June, Jon, Ben, Ol
  • Mixed By: Speaks
  • Also appearing in the video: Joseph Sealby (peeking around the corner)


© 2001 – 2021, the above named assert their rights as authors and copyright owners, downloads for personal listening only, not to be re-used anywhere without the consent of the writers and performers, please Contact Us