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Cast into a massive slab of Czechoslovakian acetate that Moses would have been proud to carve his top ten tips into, Flawed unleash their first release using the tried and tested format of the good old record. Despite there not being that many turntables around, it’s somehow fitting that the music contained on here actually makes it to the record shop shelves in this style.

“Pleasure Seekers” is unashamed and flamboyant indie rock pop, laced with multi-part harmonies and an almost alt.folk main vocal, that is perfectly suited to the jangly guitar and rolling bass line. The production arrangements and strings are excellent, superb even. This is modern urban rock folk with a slightly off-kilter edge that captures the mellower moments of The Levellers with the complex and harmonious arrangements of the Beatles.

“Kylies Thigh” is in any mans book a heart warming prospect. The song soars in with a bagfull of delayed strings and guitars. As the song breaks down, there’s more of a pop-rock theme to the proceedings. But when things cut back in, it’s with such power that the track swirls, with the strings cleverly used as a menacing sound effect.

Two good tracks from an interesting band, that presents a darker, alternative style of pop, with dense and effective arrangements, to clever effect. A great debut.



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